History of the University

In order to adapt to the new situation of national liberation and the needs of the construction mission, according to the central committee's resolution spirit, the Youth League of Shandong Province has established the Shandong League School, approved by the Shandong branch of the Communist Party of China in 1949. The initial training of the school was mainly based on the situation of the youth league cadres in the early stage of the construction.  Parts of the backbone of the youth league was elected from the youth students of grassroots organization and high schools over the province. After three months to six months of study and training, these students was assigned to be a full-time league cadre enriching the whole province after graduation
Approved by the national education commission and the people's government of Shandong province, on the basis of the Youth League School, the Shandong Communist Youth League School was established in 1987, in one institution with two plates. The college has stepped into the new stage of formal schooling. It completed the stage from group cadre education training to both education with record of formal schooling and group cadre education training.

Approved by the ministry of education and the people's government of Shandong province, Shandong Youth University of Political Science was rebuild from the Shandong Communist Youth League School in 2010, which shoulders the responsibilities of regular tertiary education, adult education and Communist Youth League cadres’ training. The university has achieved a new breakthrough in the system, becoming the only local youth political institution at the undergraduate level.