Alumni Events

During the summer vacation, our universities alumni returned to the university together, the leaders attached great importance to these alumni. On July 23, the School of Management of the 1990 level of our university returned to celebrate the university’s activities. The School Party Secretary Zhang Tao, President Zhang Shuming, Deputy Secretary Liu Xianyi, Vice President Wang Linshan and related teachers attended the event.

Alumni Liaison Office 2016/07/25


On April 18, 2017, the university leader Wang Linshan visited the alumni company of Shandong Xingzhi Biotechnology co., LTD. Yang Shigu, Director of the Alumni Liaison Office, Zhang Jie, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, and the Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch, Mou Yuanjun, accompanied.


Hundreds of teachers and students gathered in their Alma mater for the 20th anniversary of the Youth Cadre Training Course dynasty.



On the afternoon of the Oct.14, 2017, our 1993 alumni return to their old school. they reminisce the past, talk about life, look forward to a bright future, celebrate the 22nd anniversary of graduation, and donate sculpture activities. The School party committee member, discipline inspection commission secretary Cui Lianfu, Alumni Yang Shigu, Director of the Liaison office and part of the original representative director and teacher of level 93 and more than 100 people attended the party.

On November 19, 2017, a meeting was set up successfully by our university’s alumni association in Xinjiang Urumqi, alumni Yang Shigu, director of the liaison office and Alumni Association Secretary Xiaofan Zhou, Liu Guangfu and the representatives who work in Xinjiang construction and corps of 14 ground state alumni all attended the meeting

Alumni Liaison Office 2017/11/20