President of ESCCT Visits SDYU

On March 9, President of ESCCT Ms. Abou Kassm Leina, Director of the Academic Affairs Office Ms. Anne Sophie Marzin and 26 students visited SDYU. The Party Secretary Lu Lin, President Zhang Shuming accompanied the reception and held a discussion, accompanied with the Vice President Wang Linshan, the University office, the academic affairs office, the youth league committee and the international office.

On the morning of September 9, Lu Lin, Wang Linshan and the relevant personals accompanied the guests to visit the School of Dancing, the School of Art and Design, the College students' Independent Learning Center and the Independent Entrepreneurship Center. Subsequently, the two sides introduced their universities, exchanged views on undergraduate overseas practice projects and signed an agreement on co-establishing overseas practice. The two sides also communicated contents between exchanging students and teachers, cooperation in running schools and students studying abroad at one's own expenses.

During the symposium, students from the two universities carried out "one-to-one" face-to-face communication activities, deepened the relationship between the two sidesAt the end of the activity, the students from both universities have lunch in the cafeteria, so that the French students can have a truly daily life experience of a Chinese college student.

On the afternoon of September 9, the President of ESCCT Abou Kassm Leina held a report about “France Higher Education System and Characteristics.” The both sides of the universities held an active exchange on the subject. Both sides also held a friendly football match on the football field, which further enhanced the students' emotion.