Japan Kyoto Seizan College Education delegation visited our school

Japan Kyoto Seizan College Education Delegation Visited Our University

On the morning of May 14, 2018, Japan Kyoto Seizan College Executive Principal Gao Cheng Hong Ming, Director of International Exchange Center Guo Xin, Director of General Affairs Gang Ben Ming Zi, Section Chief of International Exchange Center Ji Wu Liang Yi, teacher from Education Administration Office Ben Zhuang Zhen Li, visited Our University. President Zhang Shuming, Vice President Wang Linshan and relevant personnel met the visitors in the Third Meeting Room of the university. President Zhang Shuming warmly welcomed the visitors, reviewed the existing cooperation foundation of the two universities, and talked about further deepening the relationship between the two universities in depth and breadth. The two sides have expanded their consensus of cooperation on importing courses from the Japanese side, carrying out "Japanese + major" and "professional + Japanese" teaching mode, cooperation in Japanese training or professional training and other social services, develop innovative training modes such as online training and offline experience, establish overseas practice base, the exchange of foreign students and other aspects has been deeply communicated and communicated, further reinforce talent cultivation, exchanging teachers, project cooperation. The next two days, the delegation will promote communication between teachers and students in the School of International Studies, carry out academic lectures and listen and evaluate the classes of business Japanese and other activities, in order to further promote the business Japanese majors international communication ability and improving the quality of teachers' classroom teaching.

Japan Kyoto Seizan College is a private university located in Kyoto with distinct school-running characteristic has a history of nearly one hundred years. Since 2015, our university has discussed the friendly cooperation between teachers and students, and signed a friendly cooperation agreement with Japan Kyoto Seizan College in April 2016. As of now, the two sides have exchanged visits for many times. Six students from our university have studied in Japan Kyoto Seizan College, and one student has been recommended to take the postgraduate study at Kansai University.