Our education delegation visited Japanese universities

On July 1 to July 5, the school leader Zhang Shuming consisted an education delegation consisting with 5 people, visited Japan Kyoto city university, Xishan Short-term University, and other prefectural university endowment service agencies and other units in Osaka, Kyoto.

At Xishan Short-term university in Kyoto, President Zhang Shuming signed the agreement on establishing the overseas practice teaching base on behalf of our school and its executive President, Hongming Takashimaya, and held the opening ceremony of the basement. The delegation visited the student representative of our school who studied at the school and held talks with the Japanese side. During the talks, the two sides will further expand their cooperation field, introduce Japanese curriculum system, in order to carry out the "Japanese + professional" and "professional + Japanese" teaching mode, cooperation for Japanese training class certificate test training and welfare and so on has carried on the detailed discussion, and develop the implementation plan, for the relevant work smoothly laid a good foundation

Delegation of the city university in Osaka, Japan, and the school dean professor water wild boda city symbiotic society, held talks on social welfare of the professional courses, academic research and practice arrangement, etc. Then delegation visited Osaka, water wild as a supervisor, a professor of public nursing home, visited the pension agency of facilities, and provide service for communities around the old man's way is the hospital, nursing personnel present situation question has carried on the exchange with the council members, the relevant professional talent training mode reform of our school are discussed in this paper.

Kyoto prefectural university in Japan, the delegation visited the unique the unity of the three schools of modern university campus, the public library, and all kinds of form a complete set of advanced software and hardware facilities, and built the school principal mountain worship, the head of the school of public policy, welfare sociology professor and related professional teachers held talks. On both sides in the field of academic exchange, teachers exchange of visits, and the relevant professional teaching resources sharing for the full communication, for the two schools in the future to carry out deep pointed out the direction of the communication and cooperation.

The delegation also visited the Kyoto and Osaka private pension services, mainly studies the facilities and equipment conditions for these institutions, staffing and training and management development system, the operation condition of the public and private pension institutions are analyzed, and further improve the understanding of Japanese pension industry, to strengthen our elderly services and management, and other modern service management class specialty construction and research on pension industry accumulated material.

Out of this visit, it is in accordance with the school strategy, "our" to strengthen two major projects docking between old and new kinetic energy conversion in our province, making full use of the advantages of both the modern service industry in our school related, modern service industry to the international first-class education resources and industry operating companies, benchmarking the excavation of the modern service industry advanced applied talents training experience a in-depth study, helps to further perfect the relevant professional "industry-university-institute with" talent training mode, promote the school in the school system, in the way of running a school reform and innovation, exploring new talent cultivation system that suit the development of modern service industry, improve the ability of serving local economic and social development of the whole school.