The Cultural counselor of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the President of Kafr El-Sheikh University visited our University

In the morning of July 6th,2018The Cultural counselor of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Morsy Elsayed and the President of Kafr El-Sheikh University Dr. Maged Abdeltawab Ahmed Elkemany visited our University. The university leader, President Zhang Shuming, vice President Wang Linshan and relevant personnel met with the visiting guests. The President Zhang Shuming accompanied the reception and held a discussion at the VIP Room, accompanied with the representatives of School of International Studies and the International Office. He introduced the basic situation, strategic orientation and developing prospect of the university to the guests. Vice President Wang Linshan introduced the internationalization of the school. He reviewed the cooperation with Egypt. Both sides stressed that under the guidance of the "One Belt And One Road" policy, the cooperation at education level between China and Egypt can promote the exchanges between the young people the two countries. Both sides will focus on the areas of cooperation; introduce the corresponding curriculum systemdevelop the characteristic teaching mode suitable for the development of our universitystudent exchanges; Foreign students exchange visits; discussion on teachers' research ability and the development and improvement of their Arabic majors. Consensus was reached on further strengthening personnel training, faculty exchanges and project cooperation.

Kafr al-sheikh is a famous public university in Egypt, ranks fifth in the country. It was founded in 1957 as a branch of the university of Alexandria in the province of Krafah, and officially became independent in 1973.There are now more than 70,000 students. Since its establishment in 1973, Krafah sheikh village school has been dedicated to the development and research of various fields and disciplines. And has achieved remarkable success in various academic fields, the numerous disciplines, scientific research, teaching resources abundant, hard software is complete comprehensive university, there are 19 colleges including literature, business, education, art, medicine, law, engineering, agronomy, such as veterinary college. The university is well known in Egypt and the Arab world, and has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for Egypt.

   The International Office

July 6, 2018