Zhan Jiachang, Vice President of Donghai University, Taiwan, and the relevant Delegation Visited our School

  In the morning of October 17th, 2018, Zhan Jiachang, Vice President of Donghai University, Taiwan, Hong Yaoxun, Director of the Promotion Department of Donghai University, Yang Yikuan, Dean of the School of Engineering in Donghai University, and Zhang Ruisheng, Team Leader of the Promotion Department of Donghai University, formed an educational delegation to visit our school. Our school's leading Deputy Director Chen Yuhai and related personnel met with the visitors in the fifth conference room of the school. The Deputy Director Chen Yuhai expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Zhan Jiachang and his delegation. They briefly introduced the situation of our school, reviewed the current cooperation foundations of the two universities, and held further talks regarding the cooperation between the two universities in depth and breadth. The two sides conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on broadening the areas of cooperation, introducing Taiwan's characteristic curriculum system, sending students to each other, and mutual visiting of the teachers. They reached consensus on furtherstrengthening personnel training, teacher exchange, and project cooperation. Afterwards, the delegation visited the training base of the School of Modern Service Management with the company of President Chen Yuhai and relevant personnel. The foreign side spoke highly of this and was full of confidence inthe future cooperation.

  Donghai University, as the first private university in Taiwan, is the top comprehensive university. It is known as the "most beautiful university in Taiwan". In the latest 2014 QS World University Rankings, Donghai University is ranked among the top 300 in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2015, in the university ranking among four regions of mainland China and Taiwan, Donghai University was elected as "China's high-level university." Our school has a good foundation of cooperation with Donghai University. In the past three years, nearly 20 students have been sent to study there as exchange students.

  International Exchange and Cooperation

  Office October 17th, 2018