Korea Sungshin University Visited SDYU

  In the afternoon of October 25, 2018, Yang Pujing, Principal of Korea Integrity Women's University, Shen Doufu, Director of International Exchange Department, Li Yuanzhang, Director of Academic Affairs Office, Jin Ri, Group Leader of International Exchange Group, Han Zhiwei, Head of Department of Beauty Industry, Li Yingzhu, Head of Department of Clothing Industry, and An Qi, the Director of International Student Support Group, formed an education delegation consisting of 7 people to visit our school. The Dean of our school Zhang Shuming, Vice President Wang Linshan and related personnel met with the visitors in the seventh conference room.

  Dean Zhang Shuming expressed warm welcome to Principal Yang Pujing and his party. He reviewed the history of cooperation between the two universities, introduced the orientation of the development of the regional economy and the modern service industry, as well as prospecting further cooperation between the two universities in depth and breadth. Subsequently, the two sides held a key discussion on the problems and solutions of the Sino-Korea cooperation in art design (image design direction). The two sides also conducted in-depth communication on broadening the fields of cooperation between the two universities, participating in social services, mutual visits and training of teachers. As well, they reached consensus on further strengthening personnel training, teacher exchange, and project cooperation. After that, the delegation held a meeting with the students of the Classes 2017 and 2018 majoring image design in China-South Korean Cooperation Program to encourage them to study hard, cherish the cooperation platform and strive for higher achievements.

  Founded in 1936, Korea Sungshin University is a well-known comprehensive university in Korea. Its beauty industry ranks first in the Korean professional rankings. Since 2013, our school has been cooperating with the school to establish a Sino-South Korean Cooperation Program for art design (image design direction). The enrollment scale has increased steadily and the program is operating well.

International Exchange and Cooperation Office

October 25th, 2018