The Delegation of Thai Krirk University Visited our School

  On September 13th, 2018, Yang Jinquan, President of Thailand Krirk University

  , Wang Changming, Chairman of the University Management Committee, and other seven people visited our school. The secretary Lu Lin, Vice President Wang Linshan and related personnel met with visitors in the seventh conference room.

  Lu Lin, the secretary of the school party committee, introduced the development history of the university and the internationalization of the school. In terms of the training orientation of the university, establishment of cooperation between the two universities were prospected. As well, the ways to improve the political literacy and leadership of young students have been deeply communicated directed by President Yang Jinquan. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth communications on student exchanges, academic exchanges, as well as teacher exchanges and trainings. They reached consensus on further strengthening personnel training, teacher exchanges, project cooperation, and signed a memorandum of inter-school cooperation. Subsequently, the delegation visited the tourism training center of our school and proposed a welcome for our school to Thailand to establish an overseas internship base for tourism management and hotel management.

  The visit of the university provided a good opportunity for our school to carry out Sino-Thai cultural exchanges and created new opportunities for our university to cooperate with high-level universities in Thailand.

  Founded in 1952 by Dr. Greg Clickman, a well-known educator at home and abroad, Krirk University is the earliest and the only private university in Thailand with a strong political communication college. Krirk University has an international curriculum base for the multilingual training of Chinese-speaking courses approved by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. It is also an institution with mutual recognition agreement for higher education qualifications between China and Thailand. Professor. Dr. Krasae Chananwongse (Chinese name: Dr. Yang Jinquan) is the current principal of Krirk University. He is an outstanding medical scientist, professor, politician, educator and leading research expert in the Kingdom of Thailand. He has served as the Minister of Education, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Advisor of Prime Minister in the Kingdom of Thailand. He was also awarded the Asian-level Nobel Prize (Ramon Magsaysay Award) with the Chinese scientist Yuan Longping, who is known as the father of hybrid rice.